[clug] Saving Real streams

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Wed Apr 23 13:30:10 EST 2003

Try vsound.  It has issues i.e. if there is a pause in the stream it tends to
truncate the file its outputting to and start again - but it does work.

And yes, the reason most of the streams that are Real Audio are so because they
are copyright and you are not allowed to save them.


On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 10:36:55 +1000 Paul Bryan scribbled:

>Hi, at the last CLUG meeting, someone asked about saving Real streams. I've had
>a little look at it ('cause I wanna' do it to), and came up with a couple of
>possibilites. I haven't had the chance to try these out yet though.
>Solution 1: xmms has an input plugin for listening to Real audio. If you use the
>output plugin that saves audio to a wav file rather than sending to an audio
>device or sound server, your set. I've used the output plugin with other inputs
>and it works fine. I couldn't get the Real plugin working though. Mind you, I
>didn't try very hard (just put it in the plugin directory and it didn't show
>up). If you can get the Real plugin working though, I can't see why you couldn't
>use the file save output plugin.
>Solution 2: TRPlayer is a command line Real player. You should be able to use
>this and pipe the output to some program that saves the audio to a file. Doing
>it this way, I can't see why you couldn't pipe it through something like oggenc
>and re-encode at the same time. I haven't had a chance to try TRPlayer yet, but
>hopefully I'll get a chance sometime this week.
>Solution 3: As it's got to unencode the stream to send it to the audio device, I
>can't see why you couldn't write a driver that takes the raw audio and writes it
>to a file anyway. Maybe you could even use a fifo for the audio device...
>Solution 4: Some other way. I'm sure someone could write some sort of Perl
>script to do it. Lord knows, there's a script for everyting else...
>Just a few thoughts.


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