[clug] ADSL Routers

Brian Morris brian at netspeed.com.au
Mon Apr 21 10:09:34 EST 2003

Hi all,

We tested quite a few ADSL modems/routers before we launched our ADSL
service.  We decided to stock the NetComm and Dynalink adsl modems and
modem/routers based on performance, technical support from the manufacturer
and of course price.

These are my findings.

Firstly - if you budget can reach it buy a modem/router - the router part is
worth its weight in gold.  If you can also get a router with a built in SPI
firewall (not just NAT)  then that is even better.

1.  Dynalink RTA100 - Good and cheap but you must make sure you have the
latest version of firmware if you are using anyones L2TP adsl service (ie
not Telstra PigPond Broadband).  It did tend to 'drop its bundle' until we
upgraded the firmware - after that it was rock solid.  Dynalink support is
great too.

2.  Dynalink ALE070 USB ADSL Modem - Solid and reliable but I dont know if
it has support / USB drivers for Mac or Linux (it might, I just havent

3.  Dynalink RTA220 - Excellent for the money.  Costs more but also does
heaps more.

4.  NetComm NB1200 - get the 1300 :-)

5.  NetComm NB1300 - Easy to configure, good and reliable - good value for


Brian Morris

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> Hi Peoples,
> I'm about to move from a 56K modem to ADSL. I currently and will use
> IPCOP as my firewall. What I'm looking for at present is a decent
> quality (including feature-wise) ADSL ethernet router or modem
> Can you give me some advice on good ADSL ethernet routers/modems - good
> and bad experiences.
> Thanks in advance
> Burn

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