[clug] xmms or other music player within linux

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Wed Apr 16 18:15:13 EST 2003

On 2003.04.16 15:33, Grant Morphett wrote:

> 1. is there a better music player that I just can't find?
> 2. are these features available within xmms and I just need the right
> preferences or plugin setup?
> 3. Do I need to write some code to get these features?

You'd be wanting freeamp for those features.

also, "cd artist-name;mpg123 *mp3" works pretty well too.

There's a companion program called qbble for xmms which does the 
searching, but not the structure.

Look Michael not a trace of rudeness, you weirdo.

Oh dear, I've done it again :)

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