[clug] Problems with Sambasessions

Ruediger Honzatko ruediger.honzatko at schenker.at
Tue Apr 8 22:34:19 EST 2003

hi @ all!

in the last 2 months i sometimes had the problem, that the processses of
some users go up very quickly at samba-2.2.5-124 under SusSE 8.1. this looks
like that:

Manfred 1
  Katharina 1
  Hans 1
  Thaler 1
  Christine 2
  Uschi 2
  GAbriele 2
  Ruediger 2
  Frank 2
  Thomas 2
  Gerald 2
  Erich 3
  Thomas 4
  Christina 93
  Claudia 373
  Kerber 754
  Birgit 1718

i get these data with the following bash script:

#! /bin/bash
for i in `strings /var/lib/samba/sessionid.tdb | grep ^a | sort -u`; do 
echo -n $i; strings /var/lib/samba/sessionid.tdb | grep ^$i | wc -l; 
done | sort -n -k2,2

when 3000 session are reached, nobody else can log in. our clients are Win
98, ME, XP, 2000 and linux. under linux these effect have not occured yet.

the strange thing about it is, that when i type "..." on the samba server, i
can only see 3 (connected shares), and only 5 opened
files of this user.

does anybody know what to do?


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