[clug] GDM blanking in redhat 8

Warwick Mitchell wmitchell at shed.org.au
Tue Apr 8 08:55:39 EST 2003

On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Geoff Smith wrote:

> In redhat 8, using GDM to manage the login screen, the screen will go
> blank after a few minutes of just sitting there before anyone logs in.
> How can I make it stop doing this? I want the logon screen to always be
> visible when someone isn't logged on.
I think you want (off the top of my head) xset s noblank in a gdm init
script. Probably in /etc/gdm/Init/default (at least that's where the
script is in debian iirc). If your screen is actually turning off power
saving style then you'll want to look for dpms stuff in your X config
file, or you may be able to control that with xset as well.


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