Maintaining a redhat system

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Thu Apr 3 10:38:47 EST 2003

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 12:15:59AM +1000, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> I remember Redhat!  I used to spend countless hours doing this exact
> task, which is one reason why I changed to Debian.
> My method was to grab the source RPM of what you wanted, and "rpm --rebuild".
> That way the thing you wanted is built using the right compiler and
> libraries, if it doesn't work its a fault of the thing you wanted :)

Marvellous! I don't have the time for that :(. Tracking down missing header
files, etc. Oh well...

> > (Maybe someday someone can explain to me how the same set of headers, source
> > and libraries can result in: Debian 2.95.4 => segfault, Redhat 2.96 =>
> > works).
> This is most likely due to changes in libc.  Both Redhat and Debian
> apply their own patches to the base glibc code.  If its not libc, it's
> the same thing with another library you have.  If the ... what do you
> call those legacy things again?  proprietary software?  ... was compiled
> and linked with OS a, then there's no guarantee it will work with OS b.
> Usually you can apply strace, nm, etc and find out what's breaking.
> Funkily enough, same happens on Solaris :)

Hmm, libc. Possibly. The wierd thing is that the final compiled program runs
fine under either. The libraries they link against (as shown by ldd) are the
same. Yet one blows up and the other doesn't. I don't have the time to sort
that out either. I have a sneaking suspicion they use C++ somewhere which
maybe is causing some problems. Didn't the linkage change between 2.95 nd

I hate proprietry libraries (and kernel modules).
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