root password suits all

James McNeill james at
Tue Apr 1 15:05:50 EST 2003

as root:

less /etc/passwd [or /etc/shadow]
<note down hashed password for user>

passwd username
<enter temporary password>

login username
<do whatever>
vim /etc/passwd [or shadow]
<retype hashed passwd into apropraite bit of file, save it>

I'm sure there's an easier way, or you could write a script to do this. but
it works.


| I need to fixt some strange behaviour in certain accounts
|  and it's inconvenient getting the users in, just to type their passwords.
| It'd be more convenient if I could log in as anyone using the root
| Anyone know a pam module or config that will allow this?
| Makes the logs less useful for tracking
|  but I can log in as root direct anyway,
|  so I'm not loosing much.
| michaelj
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| Michael James michael at
| Network Programmer voice: 02 6246 5040

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