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thanks for that Dale,

in the security environment I'm envisaging defelection of random
portscanners (as provided by NAT) is probably going to be sufficient.

while i'd love to build a little micro ITX box, the cost is leaning me
towards one of these commodity boxen.

Dale Shaw wrote:
| I don't know about the Netgear RT314 but the Linksys model doesn't
| appear to include fully fledged firewalling capabilities. It says it
| provides firewalling via NAT, but NAT in itself only provides security
| by obscurity. It's not clear whether or not it would protect in any way
| an 'inside' host with an active translation from attacks on the
| Internet.
| Example: Inside host makes a connection through the gateway
| and is translated into the xDSL interface's IP address, Is
| the router going to stop someone connecting to an arbitrary port on
|, or will it simply pass it back through to the originating
| host? Sure, you can't directly target the inside host because its
| address isn't routeable on the Internet, but if the router is only doing
| NAT (or more accurately in this case, PAT or N-PAT) and not some form of
| packet filtering (stateful or not), you'll need to protect yourself with
| some host-based firewalling.
| I'm currently using a Netgear FVS318 (stateful packet filter + some
| application-specific bells/whistles) with my TransACT/WebOne connection,
| but if I was going through the process again, I'd find a nice small form
| factor PC and install an operating system capable of stateful packet
| filtering, application layer gatewaying and, of course, PPPoE. Much
| better solution and if you go about it right, just as effortless to
| manage as an 'appliance'.
| 2c.
| Cheers,
| Dale
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| G'day guys.
| My house (share with two others) has been signed up for TransACT and I'm
| looking at my options for a cable/router.
| I've had solid service from the netgear rt314 in other places but on
| cougar i see they're selling the linksys "EtherFast Cable/DSL Router
| with 4-Port 10/100 Switch" (LIN-BEFSR41) for $170
| As opposed to $377 for the netgear model.
| Does anyopne have any experience of the linksys model with TransACT?
| AnandTech seemed to rate it reasonably well:
| TIA,
| John

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