shell in 32 char LCD

Paul Bryan pa_bryan at
Thu Sep 26 12:17:01 EST 2002

Have a browse around for linux car mp3 players. I remember reading a couple 
of projects about this (don't remember url's though). Some of them mentioned 
drivers for LCD displays so you could browse through mp3's stored on the 
player via the LCD panel. 

Should turn up a few links pointing you in the right direction.


On Wednesday 25 September 2002 19:05, Simon Burton wrote:
> hi!
> I have a 2 line 32 char LCD panel from
> dick smith and am looking to use it as a monitor.
> The guys at
> have done this for their 1U servers
> but it's a bit thin on details.
> I can write code to talk to the panel.
> It is 8 bit parallel with another couple
> of bits for ctrl. So will attach to parallel
> port for now.
> But what would be nice is to slip my driver
> code into the right place (in kernel?) so
> that the shell (etc.) can use LCD.
> Anybody tried this?
> Ideas?
> Simon Burton

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