perl subroutine (SEC: UNCLASSIFIED)

Lisman, FLGOFF Jarrad Jarrad.Lisman at
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Thanks for you suggestion.

I solved it by using a call to the subroutine like so;

	$line = &subroutine($line)

and in my subroutine I had to reference my variable as $_[0] not $_



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Dear Jarrad,

Here's a quick rewrite of your code:

open(OUT, "> newfile");
open(IN, "< filename");		# I re-use a lot of code and "IN" is nice
and generic
while(<IN>)			# a line is now in $_
	chomp;		# works on $_ by default
	$newline = subroutine($_);	# need to pick up the returned value
					# trailing() mark it as a subroutine

	print OUT $newline, "\n";

sub subroutine
{	my($line) = shift;	# pull the line off the parameter list

	$line =~ s/oldstring/newstring/;	# transform it
	# Note: if the target string is best identified by character
	#   then you were right to use substr()


Note that all the above is also achieved by

perl -e's/oldstring/newstring/'

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 but whether you need a second for bedtime reading.

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