perl subroutine (SEC: UNCLASSIFIED)

Sam Couter sam at
Wed Sep 25 18:18:56 EST 2002

Lisman, FLGOFF Jarrad <Jarrad.Lisman at> wrote:
> open(MYFILE, "filename");
> while(<MYFILE>)
> {
> 	my($line)=$_;
> 	chomp($line);
> 	substr ($line ...........)	#these substr lines work fine when
> not in the subroutine
> 	substr
> 	substr
> 	&subroutine($line);
> }
 [ ... ]
> I have put some print lines in to see if I can tell what is happening and it
> seems that the script is passing the original main $_ value (ie the one
> before all of the substr's) to my subroutine, so effectively the first 3
> substr's are being ignored

substr() returns the substring. You need something more like:

$line = substr($line, ...)

Otherwise you're just throwing the substring away and are left with what
you had before.

You probably also want $line = &subroutine($line); for the same reason.
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