OpenLDAP question

Martin Schwenke martin at
Wed Sep 25 14:58:15 EST 2002

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Bryan <pa_bryan at> writes:

    Paul> On Tuesday 24 September 2002 05:01, Michael Faber wrote:

    >> So, then what?  Start slapd, put LDAP in my nsswitch.conf, and
    >> off we go?  Did I miss something?

    Paul> There's a good document on this at the mandrake site. It's
    Paul> fairly non-distribution specific though.


The important bits in this document are the sections about pam_ldap
and nss_ldap.  You should probably install nss_ldap first and test to
make sure you can see users (using getent) before installing pam_ldap.
Then organise the authentication side of things using pam_ldap.  You
may also want to install nscd.

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