RedHat CDs in newsagents -don't buy it!

Scott D. Ferguson scottf at
Wed Sep 25 11:22:27 EST 2002

Regarding - the "Operating in Linux 3rd Edition" 3 Cd set being sold in newsagents around Canberra.
IMHO it's a waste of money.  $15 is too much to pay for a 3 Cd case and some scrap paper.  ie. the CDs are so cheap that they are unusable.  A friend and I both bought copies (from different newsagents) 2 out of 3 cds (in both cases) were too damaged to use.  I've recieved no answer from the publishers and have resorted to sending people 'round to their (sic) publishing address in Sydney.  As for the "book" that comes with it - some of the reading is interesting, much is erroneous, and many of the references (CLUG address) are sadly out of date.  Anyone wanting a copy of RedHat 6.1 let me now and I'll try and bring copies to the next CLUG, ditto for Trustix.

A suggestion for others - join your local library.  Dickson and Civic libraries loan out the CDs that come with APC and other computer magazines.  APC has distributed RH7.1 in two previous issues.  Other issues contain updates, docs and software.

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