Pre-CLUG beers

Drake Diedrich dld at
Tue Sep 24 23:49:58 EST 2002

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 08:02:02PM +1000, Daniel McNamara wrote:
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> Seeing as I almost turn up way to earlier for CLUG anyway (work's only a
> 15 minute walk from ANU) I think I'll be there. I don't know my way
> around ANU well so if anyway sees a confused geek walking around wearing
> ~ Triple J backpack, please point me in the appropiate direction.
> After dealing with users all day I'll need something to deaden the pain...
> Cheers
> Daniel

    University Bar is a couple hundred meters from where CLUG is held.
To get to University Bar (assuming entry to ANU from Barry Drive,
and already found DCS building):

1) Continue past the Department of Computer Science about 100m. (south
towards Lake).
2) walk past concrete balls.
3) Turn left at bridge.
4) Cross bridge.
5) University Bar is to the left again, in the Union Building.  Glass
doors should open.
6) Look for geeks.  Possibly out the back on the deck, wincing in the
sunlight.  I'll have a red jacket.

   Some stuff to move, much free:

Several 486's and monitors, various conditions: free to good homes Will
bring a pile to CLUG.  Those that run run Debian.  Also have boxes of cables
and misc parts.  Amount depends on whether the van is out of the shop in
time to load up.

1200 VA UPS (about same size as a minitower, much heavier): $50
3 shelf server rack (no holes, rack-shaped, very sturdy): $40

Telstra Bigpond Direct permanent modem connection, with additional /26
permanent IP block, router/firewall/modem Linux box + monitor&keyboard
included.  $250 (less than half the Telstra connection cost.  $22/month
afterwards.). Will aim for free transfer of ownership.  According to the
technical support line this involves building up some _debt_ with Telstra to
avoid the $165 VC transfer fee.  I don't really understand Telstra's
reasoning, but then I don't run a profitable multi-billion dollar telecom
either.) Don't want Telstra to just walk away with my $500 connection fee
(line+modem at their end).

Desks and other stuff on the moving list, email if interested.

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