Redhat linux cds

ALi Jafarzadeh aj2468au at
Tue Sep 24 22:59:51 EST 2002

Hi everyone
I've sent one email to everyone looking for redhat
linux but I am still looking for it.I can't buy it
through the web.I couldn't find any news agency that
has redhat linux.If anyone knows any news agency that
has redhat linux , could you please email the news
agency's address to me and I will get it.By the way I
am not able to download it through the web so the only
way is left for me is to  go and buy it from
somewhere(or some  one can give it to me).

I usually go to ANU and I am studying there.IF anyone
has the cds and wants to give them to me , we can meet
I appreciate any help.

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