Linux on a laptop - me too

Neil Pickford neilp at
Sat Sep 21 11:10:56 EST 2002

I am trying to set up X under 2.2.19 on a Toshiba 460CDT
Linux command line console is ok but I cannot get X 4.1.0 to start. 
Keeps bombing with a fatal server error.
Caught Signal 11. Server Aborting

I have tried various suggestions for XF86config but have not found
even a base configuration that works.  KDE does not work either but
I suspect that is because X11 server is not working.
Has anyone else succeeded with getting X running on this type of
It uses a Chips & Tech 65554 video LCD driver with 2 MB of video 
memory.  One reference said that Version 4 of X did not work on
Toshiba Laptops - Do I have to try a version 3 build?  I am thinking 
of regressing to 2.2.13 to see if that works.

Neil Pickford

> Nick Carpenter wrote:
> I just purchased a toshiba portege 3010CT which came with Win98
> preinstalled on it. I have since bought a copy of RH 7.1 and want to
> install it. I was wondering if anyone has tried installing Linux on
> such a machine or any laptop at all for that matter? Any help on this
> subject would be welcomed.
> Nick

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