Are there any GIMP Books out and about?

Chris Wallis walski at
Sat Sep 21 02:56:56 EST 2002

Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> Rasjid Wilcox (rasjidw=sbM3GJIWwA033TR8YKnndg at wrote:
>>Other books at Amazon include:
>>    * Artists' Guide to the GIMP by Michael J Hammel
>>    * Essential Gimp for Web Professionals by Michael J. Hammel
> Just thought I'd throw my 2c worth in and recommend Michael, he was
> around back when I was maintainer of the Gimp (many many years now)
> and was always an active part of the community.
> No idea on the other authors, only a personal aversion to books labelled
> "learn xxx in 24 hours" especially when the book is thicker than what a
> speed reader like me can read in 24 hours ;)  I've found in the past
> that the important content of such books is usually found for free in
> the documentation of the software anyway, so you're killing good trees
> for nothing.
> With the Gimp, there's also lots of material online in the way of
> tutorials and such, usually focussing on a particular outcome (like drop
> shadows, or Aqua-esque "bubbles") but getting you familiar with using
> certain components of the Gimp in the process.  It's definately a tool
> you get better at with use.  Experiment!

Can you tell me what kind of user are both of the books are aimed at. I 
am looking for a book that I can step through so I can learn the basic 
tools not a book showing semi-knowledgeable/knowledgeable people how to 
  do a professional finish. I'm looking for basically a newbie themed book.

Chris Wallis

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