Are there any GIMP Books out and about?

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Fri Sep 20 14:42:58 EST 2002

Rasjid Wilcox (rasjidw at wrote:
> Other books at Amazon include:
>     * Artists' Guide to the GIMP by Michael J Hammel
>     * Essential Gimp for Web Professionals by Michael J. Hammel

Just thought I'd throw my 2c worth in and recommend Michael, he was
around back when I was maintainer of the Gimp (many many years now)
and was always an active part of the community.

No idea on the other authors, only a personal aversion to books labelled
"learn xxx in 24 hours" especially when the book is thicker than what a
speed reader like me can read in 24 hours ;)  I've found in the past
that the important content of such books is usually found for free in
the documentation of the software anyway, so you're killing good trees
for nothing.

With the Gimp, there's also lots of material online in the way of
tutorials and such, usually focussing on a particular outcome (like drop
shadows, or Aqua-esque "bubbles") but getting you familiar with using
certain components of the Gimp in the process.  It's definately a tool
you get better at with use.  Experiment!

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