OT: Power Supplies

Andrew Bishop andrew at bishop.dropbear.id.au
Fri Sep 20 12:05:16 EST 2002

John Griffiths wrote:

> dude...
> you're a linux guru and you can't change a plug???
> 3 wires, use an example... minutes work.

It's not that I can't change a plug - I know full well that I'm capable of
doing the work myself, if I have to - it's that I'm not willing to.

Something my father taught me when I was learning to play around with
electronics is, "Don't mess with 240V unless you're damn sure you know what
you're doing."  It's not that it's any harder than playing with 12V, it's
that the price of failure is much higher.  I learnt from his mistakes, rather
than making my own.

Never mind the legal implications.  I'd rather pay $5 and get someone with
years of practise in not making mistakes to do the work, than trust my
limited experience with something that could easily kill me if I stuffed it


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