Are there any GIMP Books out and about?

Geoff Smith gsmith at
Thu Sep 19 22:30:18 EST 2002

There are a couple that exist.

Check out the Gimp category in the books section on Everything linux
(, or throw up a search for the Gimp on

No idea how good any of them really are. I'm not a graphics person. 



      Geoff Smith 

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Subject: Are there any GIMP Books out and about?

I was wondering if there was any Gimp books out in the bookshops. I was 
wondering this to get the best out me using Gimp. I have seen Samba, 
Apache, Squid and other books on major Unix/Linux Software but never 
seen a book on Gimp. Can anybody give me some titles to look for?

Cheers Chris Wallis

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