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Damien Elmes clug at repose.cx
Thu Sep 19 17:49:46 EST 2002

Sam Couter <sam at topic.com.au> writes:

> There are many different kinds of hearing loss that come under the term
> "industrial deafness". Ringing in the ears is one kind. Near total loss
> at specific frequencies is another. Partial loss across many frequencies
> is another again.

Well, suffice to say I'm not sleeping in a server room. The human brain is
actually quite good at filtering out continuous white noise, which is why
sufferers of tinnitus are sometimes given an apartus to try and replicate the
ringing they hear in their ears - often the brain will recognise it is coming
from an external source and block it out.

If you have links to more information about hearing loss caused by continuous
low pitch, low volume sounds, then I'd be happy to read them. I am somewhat
skeptical at the impact of this at the levels present in my room, however.

Damien Elmes

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