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Will low level white noise do that? I thought it was the sound
pressure that damaged the cilia.

I think it is tuning it out. I have a friend whose room was full
of PCs and he slept happily amongst the buzzing. After he moved them
out, he kept waking up because of the silence. If he was indeed
deaf, how would he have noticed the silence?

Industrial deafness (tinnutus) gets you a ringing in the ears rather
than silence.


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Damien Elmes <clug at repose.cx> wrote:
> You get used to it! My room probably sounds like an airport to people
> unaccustomed to the soothing tones of white noise, but after a while, your
> brain just tunes it out. [ ... ]

Dude, that's not your brain tuning it out. That's the cilia in your
inner ear being destroyed.

It's a kind of industrial deafness, it's real damage, and it doesn't
heal. It's as real as the damage done by working an air-powered hammer
without ear protection (been there, done that, young and stupid).
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