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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
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On Thu, 19 Sep 2002 14:03, Mark Paine wrote:
> Been thinking about plugging my monitor into the outbound socket of the
> power supply on my PC so that the PC switches the monitor on and off.  This
> is to try and reduce the number of power plugs that I am using. (Has anyone
> considered that those three pronged plugs actually breed behind our
> computer gear?? Three computers with peripherals means I have three power
> boards, some with double adapters and a rats nest of power packs and power
> cords).
On  a completely unrelated note to your original request, does anyone know of 
a place where you can buy a IEC connected power board with downstream "oz" 
style connectors? Just like a normal power board, but the upstream connector 
(the one you normally piggy-back into another power board :) is IEC 

The idea here is that the hub has a wall-wart power supply, and tools like NUT 
(http://www.exploits.org) don't help if you can't communicate. Also, the zip 
drive is powered, and doesn't like it when the power goes out, and my USB hub 
is powered, and you get the picture. I have an UPS, and would be happy to run 
those things, but how to connect without major surgery?


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