OT: Power Supplies

Mark Paine mark at paineless.id.au
Thu Sep 19 15:57:29 EST 2002

Quoting Damien Elmes <clug at repose.cx>:

> > Until I get a UPS for the server (not a high priority), they will be
> turned
> > off when I am not around or not using them.
> Why is that waiting on a UPS? My gateway just hit 200 days uptime - go
> I often find myself needing to access files when I'm elsewhere, so I
> really
> value the ability to ssh back home. Some argue that the stress caused on
> the
> PC each time you turn it on is worse than just leaving them on 24/7,
> too.

Well, when one can only connect to the internet via a 28.8 modem connection (go 
Telstra!!) there is no great advantage in having the PC running 24x7. 

Re the stress thingo - yeah know about that. I also probably have to much of 
the 'old school' in me.  Have been around computers for so long that I can 
remember that the *order* that you turned components on was critical.  Get it 
wrong (eg computer before monitor) and you could do serious damage.  Geeze I 
even hesitated turning them on last night due to the winds!  Irrational I know.
On a weekend they tend to stay on all day, but they do sleep at night.  The fan 
in the hub is somewhat noisy at the moment.  Soon to be replaced with a new 
ethernet switch I hope (Sunday's Computer Fair here I come!!) so I might 
actually leave them on overnight on a weekend once I get that.  I'll have to 
see how noisy my new PC will be as well.

Mark P.
.sig - TBA

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