OT: Power Supplies

James McNeill james at heague.com.au
Thu Sep 19 14:26:32 EST 2002

>Been thinking about plugging my monitor into the outbound socket of the power 
>supply on my PC so that the PC switches the monitor on and off.  
You can always buy a mini night-switch from Dickie's. Turn all you PC's 
& peripherals on/off at once!

>However, a thought came into my head is does the power for the outbound socket on the power supply detract from the power rating of the PS?  
Most PSs with power outputs are wired just the same as if you has a 
double adaptor plugged in.

So, for your 250w supply that means you've got 2150w of juice left for 
your moniter. Remember though, you are only spozed to pull 2400w total 
from your power outlet.
This can also vary depending on what else you have plugged into the circuit.
I've wrung 3000w off a domestic power point in a crunch ;)
But if your worried about blowing a fuse, try to get some of the power 
from another circuit. I often steel the power for the air conditioner 
'coz it's got 3200w going down it's dedicated circuit. Yummy!


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