OT: Power Supplies

Mark Paine mark at paineless.id.au
Thu Sep 19 14:03:53 EST 2002

Been thinking about plugging my monitor into the outbound socket of the power 
supply on my PC so that the PC switches the monitor on and off.  This is to try 
and reduce the number of power plugs that I am using. (Has anyone considered 
that those three pronged plugs actually breed behind our computer gear?? Three 
computers with peripherals means I have three power boards, some with double 
adapters and a rats nest of power packs and power cords).

However, a thought came into my head is does the power for the outbound socket 
on the power supply detract from the power rating of the PS?  eg a 250W power 
supply with a 100W monitor connected only means 150W is left for the PC?  I 
suspect not as the power supply is just routing mains power to the outbound 
socket and performing an on/off function and that the full power rating is 
available for devices in the PC itself via the power leads inside the case.  Is 
this the case?

Mark P.
.sig - TBA

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