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Tue Sep 17 22:54:34 EST 2002

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On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:33, Rodney Peters wrote:
> > I would like to install Linux onto an old computer (P120) which has 3
> > hdds (2 x 1.2Gb 1 x 1Gb), and use it as a server for a small network
> > (Samba but not Apache).  Any suggestions for the most effecient way to
> > partition the drives?
> >
> > I will probably use RedHat 7.3.  
> > I have previously partioned hda (1.2Gb) as 20Mb boot, 256MB swap and
> > remainder as /. hdb (1Gb) as /var.
> > hdc (1.2Gb) as /usr.
> >
> > With such limited space I would like to use the space more efficiently -
> > should I try some sort of RAID arrangement?  (RAID 0?)
I'd actually suggest RAID1 for the two 1.2G disks, and call that your data 
volume. This is based on "If it says 1.2G, then they are already old disks", 
and since you probably care about at least some of the data, then you might 
as well protect it as best you can.

Then use the main disk for /boot (say 20M), swap (256M) and a single / 
partition for the rest.  Mount the raid array on /mnt/my-special-samba-data 
or something (not /usr or /var)

Then run an rsync of the data to your desktop at least nightly (see rsync 
website for script) and back up untouched files to CD when the RAID disk gets 


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