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Michael Still mikal at
Tue Sep 17 20:30:42 EST 2002

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

> But can you include raw bits of postscript? Some tricky postscript stuff
> does seem to survive the transition to PDF.

Not knowing enough about postscript, I can't really comment. What does a
single page ps document look like once ps2pdf'ed?

> > Ahhh. Panda already does this for you (although if you change filenames, I
> > assume that you're a twit and don't deserve duplicate elimination).
> That's not too bad. Panda is obviously a bit more sophisticated than I
> remember :).

My lawyers will be in contact. ;)

To be honest, Panda has stagnated a bit since the birth of my son... I
imagine you can all work out why by yourselves.

> > Panda doesn't downsample rasters at the moment, but this is probably less
> > of the issue than the image reuse. It wouldn't be all that hard to code.
> Well, it works well if someone thinks it's a cool idea to include this scanned
> photo on the front page and by the way it's 24-bit 300dpi.

Although it is very dependant on the target of the PDF. When my brother
was involved in Woroni some years ago, their "budget" for the front cover
image was several hundred meg. I imagine it is a lot more now (not having
seen a Woroni in years).

> I don't know how fonts are stored. All I know is that the program ttf2pfa
> does a reasonably good job. Obviously if the font is one that Acrobat
> includes by default you don't need to bother.

Yeah, there are 12 default fonts. Apart from that, I believe embedding
fonts isn't too evil, but then again I have never implemented it.

> > PS: The other thing you can do in PDF is page "templates", where you can
> > draw the repeatedly used elements of several pages only once.
> I wonder if that's that BP/EP/SP pdfmark stuff I mentioned earlier.

Dunno... I've never looked at pdfmark.



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