ps2pdf making very large pdf files

John Griffiths john at
Tue Sep 17 11:21:20 EST 2002

sorry, i wasn't very clear there,

the printer driver is just a way to get a postscript output (from browsers,
word processors, or from other pdf files from dubious sources) from a
windows machine onto the samba machine.

the samba machine then assigns a unique file number and turns it into a pdf
file (using ps2pdf, part of the gs package) and puts the file in the
printing user's home directory.

is there a good alternative to ps2pdf?

in windows acro distiller performs an equivalent task (but is not so easily
customised to suit our purposes, plus i'm trying to move away from windows

the acro distiller output is of similar quality to look at but varies from
75% to 10% of the file sizes for equivalent jobs..

At 11:14 AM 9/17/02 +1000, Brett Worth wrote:
>On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, John Griffiths wrote:
>> I've got a debian 3.0 system running gs 7.05 and samba and I'm using it as
>> a pdf printer
>I'm not sure you want to use ghostscript to do this.  Once you've converted
>the PDF to postscript it should just go straight to the postscript engine
>on the printer.  Sounds like you might be rasterising the output with
>ghostscript and sending a graphical representation of the pages to the HP
>using HPGL.
>If the ghostscript is what you need for good looking output then maybe
>you'll also have to deal with the large files.

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