Laptop Problems

Barndon Daron Daron.Barndon at
Tue Sep 17 09:16:45 EST 2002

I am trying to load linux on my old trusty(?) compaq LTE 5000 (P75/40/2G). The graphics card is probed as a "GD754x" with 1mb of video RAM.
While I dont pretend to know much about xwindows I am getting the impression that it is not supported under redhat 7.3 with xfree86 4.2. (only version of linux I had on-hand)

So, my questions - 

	1) Does anyone know if it will be supported under xfree86 3.x.x? 
	2) Assuming that it works under xfree86 3.x.x - is it possible to downgrade xfree86 on redhat 7.3?
	2) Which version of linux (redhat or otherwise) should I load? (ie does anyone have one out there running linux happily?) 

Hope someone can help as I would hate to have to load win98 on it again... :-(

Thanks in advance...


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