[SLUG] IDE Raid Controllers

Bernhard Lüder bernhard at blue.net.au
Thu Sep 12 00:19:38 EST 2002

I am running a very inexpensive (A$35) ata100 ide card and run it with Linux
in RAID5 software mode with 3x 80GB IDE sitting one on each channel of the
IDE card and the third on the second channel of the motherboard with a 10GB
disk on the first motherboard IDE channel as system disk.

I also have another card (A$120), which works in the same way as above with
3x 60Gb drives.

I had no problems. Don't know about performance in detail, but they should
take a little bit load no problem.

High performance go SCSI and hardware RAID. I would use only ADAPTEC.

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Has anybody used any IDE raid controller cards at all? What do people think
about the one they have if any?
Im planning on buying one, but not sure which one to get/use.


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