Rack mount cases

Eric Ball phoenix at webone.com.au
Wed Sep 11 12:12:13 EST 2002

> Arrange your fans so they're blowing in the right direction - one of
the first things I did with my PC was void the warranty by opening the
power supply > and inverting the fan since it was blowing in the wrong
direction.  Hot air straight onto the dual cpu's - I'd like to meet the
bright guy who thought of > that PS design ;)  According to lm-sensors
and the BIOS, the internal system temperature dropped 10 degrees once I
had proper front-to-back airflow
> happening.

AFAIK that was the original ATX specification, but no manufacturers
followed it for the above reason. So count yourself lucky to have one of
the few fully ATX compliant PSU's in existence :)

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