Simon Burton simonb at
Wed Sep 11 08:11:00 EST 2002

does it already: no.
is it possible: hmmm, not without dramaticaly changing how ccache works:
ccache is not integrated with gcc at all, and doesn't understand c syntax
in any way. it treats gcc like a black box and just looks at sameness
(via hashing) of preprocessed c files. simple idea, really.

i had a think about extending it to other programs besides gcc,
maybe living inbetween said program and system calls,
hashing files read (etc.) and stepping in when program has already done it.

Your idea is different, and seems to cut into gcc and/or syntax in
difficult ways.

simon burton

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 01:54:10 +1000
Matthew Hawkins <matt at> wrote:

> I've missed any discussion on this topic.. just got a quick q, does it
> already, or is it possible, that ccache work on subsections of files?
> It'd be neat to change one function in a 21-function .c file and have
> the other 20 simply pulled from cache on recompile.  I assume that this
> would involve having to recalculate .data offsets & stuff like that, but
> that seems fairly straightward.  Of course, I may be way off base ;-)
> Oh, and this would be neat stuff to add to gcc proper.  A kernel compile
> just went down to 1:22 (minutes:seconds, not hours:minutes ;) on a
> friend's AthlonXP (a 66% improvement).  Lots of things can benefit from
> this being part of gcc, like Gentoo Linux building packages from source
> in its ports system :)
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