Matthew Hawkins matt at
Wed Sep 11 01:54:10 EST 2002

I've missed any discussion on this topic.. just got a quick q, does it
already, or is it possible, that ccache work on subsections of files?
It'd be neat to change one function in a 21-function .c file and have
the other 20 simply pulled from cache on recompile.  I assume that this
would involve having to recalculate .data offsets & stuff like that, but
that seems fairly straightward.  Of course, I may be way off base ;-)
Oh, and this would be neat stuff to add to gcc proper.  A kernel compile
just went down to 1:22 (minutes:seconds, not hours:minutes ;) on a
friend's AthlonXP (a 66% improvement).  Lots of things can benefit from
this being part of gcc, like Gentoo Linux building packages from source
in its ports system :)

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