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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Tue Sep 10 14:41:37 EST 2002

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I'm starting to mess around with networking at home, and would like to set up 
a rounter (so the test stuff stays away from my "production" link, which I'll 
probably swich to CIPE after I get it working in the test network). Plus 
having a router at home sounds cool.

Only problem is that that I'm starting to have space and noise problems with 
my current setup, and another low end machine to act as a router isn't going 
to help much.

So maybe racking some of the stuff (keep cables under control, too) seems like 
a better solution. I figure a couple of 1U cases (one for the router, and one 
for a test machine) and maybe a couple of 2U cases (one for the basion 
server/ ADSL gateway and maybe a second, bigger test box), plus a shelf for 
the hubs/switches and a KVM switch. probably need around 10-12U racking to 
get the monitor up to a reasonable height.

Only problem is finding a source of racking, and rack-mount cases. Cougar has 
some rack-mount cases on their website, but they aren't cheap, and before I 
burn $4-500 bucks on a case, I'd appreciate some recommendations.

Also, it might be useful to be able to move part of the test network (say to 
CLUG, for demos). So comments on using a couple of smallish rack-mount cases 
(like musicians use) for this would also be appreciated).



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