CVS over SSH freezes

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Tue Sep 10 14:34:39 EST 2002

Michael Still (mikal at wrote:
> Hey all.
> I have create a CVS repository on a SSH server. Everything seems to work,
> but every time I commit / checkout / whatever, after all is done the
> command freezes. I have to kill it with a ctrl-c.
> Any hints?

I think ssh has some problems.  I recently converted my filesystems from
XFS to ext3 (one less extra patch to worry about merging each kernel
upgrade) and backed up to another machine on the network using afio and
netcat.  On restoration, I had ssh on before netcat, so I figured it
would be easier to just type the one-liner ssh command to restore the
backup than installing netcat, logging into the other machine, and
setting up netcat appropriately on each end.  Well, ssh got about
half-way through the data and then corrupted the afio archive in
transit.  I ran an afio verify on the remote server and the archive was
fine, so I installed netcat and did it the longer way, and all was fine.

I've also had problems with ssh stalling on commands (CVS in particular)
but I can't remember exactly what the cause and resolution were :-(
Sorry!  If it were me, I'd be comparing the versions of ssh installed at
each end, their config options (in particular which protocol is being
used) and I'd tcpdump an exemplary session, with debugging on both ssh
client and server, and work through all the different logs.

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