Routing question

Jeremy jepri at
Tue Sep 10 10:49:59 EST 2002

>This is what I have tried in the past (and just tried again). It breaks
>the ssh link, because then the ssh packets follow the routing rule, and go

>over the ppp link contained by the ssh packets, and so on.

Finally I think I see your problem.  Try adding an aliased interace to each
gateway machine e.g. eth0:1

Give the aliased interface a completely different IP number to the internal

The 'routers' (for this is what they kind of are) probably shouldn't have their
primary interfaces assigned IP numbers from the subnets that they are routing,
for exactly the reason you are describing.

e.g. assign them 10.x.x.x addresses if your subnets are 192.164.x.x

This may result in you having to add a 'default route/gateway' to each machine,
but that is probably there anyway.

A shorter way to do that can be to refer to the gateway machine's ppp IP number
rather than its internal network number.  I've had that work before, but always
felt a little uneasy doing it.

Let me know how those go,

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