is linux the answer?

gcokeefe at gcokeefe at
Tue Sep 10 09:07:23 EST 2002

On Mon, 09 Sep 2002 18:18:02 +1000 Norvan Vogt wrote: 
> 2. Redhat 7.1 (seawolf) with KDE takes around the 700mb space which makes  
> it too large for the HDDs that I am using 
As others have said, forget KDE on these machines. I'd suggest icewm as a 
nice lite window manager that behaves in a recognisable way for 'nix newbies. 
It is also much easier to squeeze debian into a small space than redhat, 
though if you lose KDE, you might still fit it in 500M. 
> 5. What is a good IRC client of linux? 
xchat is probably the one to use as it has a nice looking simple gui. 

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