kernel issues.

Andrew andrew at
Sun Sep 8 18:16:30 EST 2002

Hi All,
           I am doing a favour for a friend - setting up a ftp server 
for him.  Obviously I am using Linux for stability and security (and $$$ 
factor as well...).    The hardware he is using is a 'mini-pc' - 
something about 20-25cm long, 14cm wide, and 10cm high (pretty small) 
it's running a 300Mhz Cyrix Geode cpu (well, that is what the bios 
says/kernel says on startup).  I installed the OS to the HDD (laptop 
sytle small ide connectors) - on my normal desktop machine...this worked 
well.  I then transfered the HDD to the small computer - booted - LILO 
came up fine, but early on into the kernel boot - I get the following 

"checking 386/387 coupling.....invalid operand 0000"
eventually it comes up with "387 failed - trying to reset"

I built some kernels with differening CPU support (cyrix III, 586... 
etc) - but all give the same message :(

Does anyone know where I can get a pre-compiled kernel that solves my 
problems? or can suggest another solution?

I asked my friend google, but couldn't find anything specific to this :)


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