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There's been a discussion about this very thing on the kde list 
( Unfortunately I don't think it 
has been resolved yet, but you should have a look anyway - it's only a matter 
of time!


On Fri, 6 Sep 2002 16:08, Hannes Kruger wrote:
> Hi all.
> Firstly I am new to Linux and Samba, so please be patient with my
> limited knowledge.
> The plan:
> We are currently running on a NT network with NT PDC and another NT
> File server. Also win98 client machines.
> The plan is to implement Linux as a desktop solution in our own company.
> That is for the moment running Linux desktops (at least some) and
> connecting to our NT file server and logging on to the NT PDC.
> At a later stage we might convert our file server and pdc to
> Linux/samba.
> Currently:
> I installed Red Hat 7.3 on my desktop. I got samba working (ver 2.2.3a)
> to such a stage where I could see my shared files on our file server.
> A major problem for me at this stage is that I cannot write to the
> share. I open konqueror and type in the address field
> smb://fileserver/username . That displays the shared folders for
> username (myself) on our fileserver.
> Is this possible and if so how do you go about it. I searched everywhere
> and this does not seem to be well documented. I realize that I am back
> wards in my approach  because everybody else use windows clients to
> connect to a Linux/samba server.
> Any help or info if much appreciated
> Thanks
> Hannes

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