Windows domains

Hannes Kruger hannesk at
Fri Sep 6 16:08:17 EST 2002

Hi all.

Firstly I am new to Linux and Samba, so please be patient with my
limited knowledge.

The plan:
We are currently running on a NT network with NT PDC and another NT 
File server. Also win98 client machines. 
The plan is to implement Linux as a desktop solution in our own company.
That is for the moment running Linux desktops (at least some) and
connecting to our NT file server and logging on to the NT PDC.
At a later stage we might convert our file server and pdc to

I installed Red Hat 7.3 on my desktop. I got samba working (ver 2.2.3a)
to such a stage where I could see my shared files on our file server. 

A major problem for me at this stage is that I cannot write to the
share. I open konqueror and type in the address field
smb://fileserver/username . That displays the shared folders for
username (myself) on our fileserver.

Is this possible and if so how do you go about it. I searched everywhere
and this does not seem to be well documented. I realize that I am back
wards in my approach  because everybody else use windows clients to
connect to a Linux/samba server.

Any help or info if much appreciated


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