open SSH for win

James McNeill james at
Fri Sep 6 13:07:16 EST 2002

Has anyone else tried to use the windows port of the openSSH client? I'm 
using version 3.4, which is quite recent. It connects to the SSH server 
(running Open SSH on Linux) fine, and does everything it's told. the 
only problem I have with it, is that it runs like an english pig-dog 
(really really bad). I get better response from my shell account on a US 
server via 56k modem, yet this is over 100 Mb LAN!
It's not the server, cos other SSH clients run fine. Telnet runs fine. 
OpenSSH under Linux runs fine. this is only happening under OpenSSH for 
why why why?
Is this the worst port ever, or do I need to configure the client somehow?


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