MS SQL server anyone?

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Fri Sep 6 04:36:52 EST 2002

Terence Kearns (tkearns at wrote:
> Personally, I find postgresql easier to install and use.

I concur.

'apt-get install postgresql' takes 5 minutes.  Less if you have GigE ;)

To install MS SQL Server 2000, you must first update to a particular
service pack - half an hour or more, and a denial-of-service attack
(reboot).  You then install the MS SQL Server software, upwards of an
hour for the basic client/server setup.  Oh, and another denial of
service attack against the system.  Then you install the MS SQL Server
2000 Service Pack 2 (another 30 minutes or more, with another denial of
service attack).  You then visit windows update and get the security
bendover patch to the service pack, the service pack second edition, 6
or 8 different misc. security patches, the service pack security pack
packpack update pack patch pack pack patch....GAH!  More denial of
service attacks.  4 hours or more later, you have something resembling a
SQL server, which is easily owned by every joe hacker on the internet,
and brought to its knees with simple SQL operations.

On a different note, people liking that GUI SQL client IDE type of
rubbish may like to 'apt-get install tora' - its a Qt app that links
into Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and anything with ODBC and gives you a
schema browser, SQL worksheet, PL/SQL editor & debugger, storage
manager, output viewer, and so forth.  Even I was impressed, and I loathe
IDE's :)

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