Capturing Real Audio stream - (linux digest, Vol 1 #891)

Sakari Mattila smattila at
Fri Sep 6 00:25:19 EST 2002

I have been recording Real Audio with KDE's kmix and krecord.
RealAudio (Netscape) is available as one of the standard mixer 

Right click the leftmost slider and mark it as RecSource, works
with SuSe 6.4 on old 400 MHz PII pretty well. Some tasks,
like rendering big pictures on web pages may cause temporary 
clicks in recording. AM radio quality is 8-bits, 8000 samples 
per second. A few samples clipped is OK, but several clippings 
per minute sounds nasty. Memory buffer instead of disk buffer 
in krecord works better, but you have to save the buffer.


> Michael James wrote:
> > Anyone found a client or utility
> >  that will save a real audio stream in a useful format?
> > Or windows media player stream for that matter.
> >
> > I'm trying to get a copy of an ABC program for the interviewee.
> > One that is better than plugging a casette recorder into the sound card.

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