capturing a real audio stream

Terence Kearns tkearns at
Thu Sep 5 22:44:56 EST 2002

This might sound like a silly idea but, perhaps you can get a loopback 
thing happening where you use a cable with a 3mm jack at each end going 
from your soundcard's headphone back into it's line in. Then record your 
line-in while playing back the stream.

sure it's not digital (da - ad), but it's a step up from a cassette deck.

Michael James wrote:
> Anyone found a client or utility
>  that will save a real audio stream in a useful format?
> Or windows media player stream for that matter.
> I'm trying to get a copy of an ABC program for the interviewee.
> One that is better than plugging a casette recorder into the sound card.

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