Has anyone got DSL working with a USB modem?

Doug ABERDEEN douglas.aberdeen at anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 5 22:38:07 EST 2002

Hi Clug'ers,

I'm getting my brother into Linux. He's a convert with one caveat.  He
wants to set up linux for DSL access but he doesn't have an ethernet
card.  He has a Telstra provided DSL modem that plugs into a
ethernet-to-USB converter, then into his computer.

Roaring Penguin doesn't support USB input.  I found a web site which
describes how to get Roaring Penguin to work with an Alcatel DSL USB


A special kernel module manages to make the USB input look like an ATM
device that, after some more kernel modules, becomes acceptable to
Roaring Penguin. I'm not confident that this solution is independent
of the brand of DSL modem is used.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has had success using a Telstra DLS/USB
set-up? If so, how did you do it? Otherwise, who makes the DSL modems
that Telstra supplies?

Cheers all,

-Doug  -- http://csl.anu.edu.au/~daa, Ph: (02) 6125 8608
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