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James McNeill james at
Thu Sep 5 15:48:16 EST 2002

this isn't a complete solution, but...
I have exim running as my MTA. I use a command along the lines of 'save
~/archivemail/$Subject$Tod' in my ~/.forward file. this just tells exim to
save a copy of every e-mail i get into an archive folder at time of
delivery. Mail older than 3 months can then be discarded, as it has already
been archived. I've no doubt that sendmail would have a similar feature.


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| Hi,
| As everyone knows, mutt doesn't handle large mailboxes very well (at least
| not in mbox format). What I would like to do is to automatically move mail
| older than 3 months to another folder. While this is possible in mutt by
| typing the right commands, does anyone know a non-interactive way of doing
| it?
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