Webone SMTP Issue Resolved

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at openminddev.net
Wed Sep 4 23:01:34 EST 2002

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 9:36 pm, Ben Elliston wrote:
> >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Wallis <walski at webone.com.au> writes:
>   Chris> Just got this from webone and this seems a good resolve to
>   Chris> the SMTP issue that was raging on this list a month ago. As a
>   Chris> webone customer I am very happy with the outcome and thanks
>   Chris> to all who have made it a issue with webone so that they
>   Chris> would do somthing about it.
> Except that now your mail can be scanned by Webone and you have no
> possibility of running things like TLS with the people you exchange
> mail with.

The fixed IP address for an extra $12 per month seemed like a better option to 
me, and is what I went with.  It does allow the direct incoming connections 
to port 25 (no proxy), and I no longer have to worry about dynamic DNS 
updates etc.

They don't seem to be promoting this option, but I am very happy with it, and 
I think it allows far more flexability than the email forwarding option.  
Just make sure you are not running an open relay.

My 2 cents.


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