PS2 Linux

John Griffiths john at
Wed Sep 4 17:04:11 EST 2002

as I already had a ps2 and a SoG monitor it didn't seem unreasonable to me

it runs very solidly, but the distro is VERY old, there is a community
effort to get a more up to date distribution running

I can see why if you didn't have these things it might seem  bit much.

If I had an Xbox then with it's x86 processor it'd be abetter bet for linux.

not much binary stuff out there for a low end mips chip either.

At 04:58 PM 9/4/02 +1000, Terence wrote:
>Sony has put out a distribution of Linux called "PS2 Linux".
>They kit sells for $499 and includes
>- 40GB Maxtor HDD
>- 10/100 Ethernet
>- USB keyboard
>- monitor/audio adapter
>- 2 PS2 Linux DVDs
>It's worth noting that the PS2 only has 32MB of ram.
>I got my information from a small article on page 54 of this month's 
>atomic magazine.
>seeing that it will probably cose around $860 including console plus 
>kit, I would probably prefer the hacked xBox version which will only 
>cost me the price of an xbox plus a mod chip(?) Also I'm gonna assume 
>the xbox will be faster for most things. xbox also has twice as much ram.

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