Webone SMTP Issue Resolved

Chris Wallis walski at webone.com.au
Wed Sep 4 16:39:26 EST 2002

Just got this from webone and this seems a good resolve to the SMTP issue
that was raging on this list a month ago. As a webone customer I am very
happy with the outcome and thanks to all who have made it a issue with
webone so that they would do somthing about it.

Now to get my mail server up. ;)

5. (For the Techo's only) SMTP email to a dynamic IP address

If you do not know what SMTP email is then this section is not for you.
A small number of customers would like to receive email using a mail
server of there own rather than from a pop account on our mail server.
For those who require this service the port 25 port filtering that is in
place to reduce the spread of junk email is an inconvenience. A solution
does exist. Web One will relay your email for you to your domain name
and deliver it to your domestic plan dynamic IP address using SMTP at no
charge. To set this up you need to request the service from us and then
change your DNS mail record to the server that our support staff will
give you. We will forward it to your SMTP server. It will be scanned for
viruses on the way. This service is primarily aimed at individuals who
have an domain name. This service does not include any of the costs of
domain name / DNS hosting.

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